Monday, July 22, 2013

Post Show Piggy 7/20/13

Laaaaate night Friday. One Man Band Legend Bob Log III came to Indy.

Thought I'd be in on Saturday, but the overcast called my name. Incorrectly guessed canoers would shy away and so wasted an hour plus driving to the wrong stretch on the wrong stream. Dozens of them. Skipped out and so arrived on the water about 130pm for a long one. 

Dead Sea mostly. A couple of tiny dinks, until I hit a pot hole in the rock. Hooked a large fish in the 18-19" range. He rubbed my tube jig onto a ledge and was gone. Sadness. The silent suck lasted for 4 hours before I got happy on this 20.25" bass.

Did some minor modifications to a prop bait and things got better. Viscious for a couple hours then relaxed into slow fishing again.

Got over 30, the 20.25", a 17", 16", several 15"ers, so not a bad day

Monday, July 1, 2013

6-29-13 Smallies Biting Shallow

I took the dog for a quick wade mid day on Saturday. Smallmouth were immediately on a Sammy 100.

The trick to taking the dog for a wade is a Slim Jim in the pocket. She starts too far ahead, I call her to come. She does this immediately to get a bit of SJ throughout the day. Bass stay unspooked.

Fish were shallow and required long casts, but were pretty agressive on that Sammy. Didn't try much else as I had nearly 20 bass in the first hour plus. Slowed a little after the storm rolled past. Turned out just to be less fish in the area. When we walked back stragglers picked it up again.

Got 35 in 4 hours (17", 16.5", 3-15") lots of 12-14"ers