Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lots of Action! 3/7/2012

My stuff got rescheduled for today. Needed to get the cobwebs off the walking legs, so on a whim I planned to wade/march close to 5 miles and then bike back to the car. Got a late start, but I knew shortcuts through the woods to most of the best holes. Sunny, clear, warming, windy.

Both pairs of waders are leakers. Yesterday I repaired them with AquaSeal. Turns out, I fixed the right leg, but the left still had a leak near the knee. Grrr...

Took a few river bends before I caught a 6" micro dink on FnF. Float didn't even dunk.

Few hundred yards of no fishing until one of those deep bends happened. Turns out the inside bend I was standing on gave some nice elevation to see down 4' into the water.

Thought I spotted a... or is it a rock's shadow? *Throws* 1/8th oz BTjig, planning for current to sweep it down 3' in front of the 'fish'.

The shadow turned, definitely a bass. Then it faced downstream and my jig was gone. I waited a second or 2 (always prudent when sight fishing). *Rears*. THUNK. Immediate head shakes. Great runs, the runs today! Nice 16" smallie. Sooo, that fish was in feeding position in a Winter area, but a feeding position. I worked the inside bend with my hairjig, nailing 4 more smb between 12-14". I could see them taking refuge on the slope of the inside bend, waiting for food, reacting to my jig. This gave me vital information on what I needed to do to get the jig bit.

Float and Fly rod picked another 14" bass from the outside. Another fish followed him, for a second looked like he would inhale the Hunter's orange float. Turned back. In the middle of this bend is a riffle, then another hole, then the final riffle. On the second upstream hole I lose a fish on my jig that felt really nice. Throw FnF in there and nail 4 more 14-16" smallies. I think the hole died, so I switch back to the harijig. Bigger thump. Ugggh, that's not a smallie! Crap! I muscled him and he really didn't get going until he was landed. measured a thick 26". One more 12" after that.

Walked a path to the next spot upstream. First cast on FnF hung on a root. Switched to braid rod and hair jig cast upstream. Thunk. 16"er, then a 15.5", 15", 12", dink", Big Goog. Some misses that didn't hook. Action was awesome. They wanted it moved, then dropped..wait...wait...wait.

Hit a long stretch where nothing was going on. Didn't even see smb for a while. Maybe a mile or more with the sun behind the clouds. Strange compared to the last hole. Where a pipe came in they started up again. Then sun had come back out to play and it was on! I threw on a tube and had a couple fish to hand just to check. Pulled 5 from there from 12-14.5".

Not far upstream in the sun I get bit, see a nice fish on then he head shakes free underwater. Next cast a 12", then a 16.99".

Long walk to the next holes, but what a good one. Rock point and sycamore shelter produced a couple. Then 6/8 come to hand with some head shakers coming off. 3 16-16.5" out of the bunch. Couldn't believe there was a real chance of getting 50 smallmouth this early in the year. Walked up a ditch feeder and found a hole in it, threw in- SMALLMOUTH of 13"!

Last couple holes I needed big things from to hit 50. 4 and 2 11"-14" .

I could see a lot of the bites today from up high on banks.

44 SMB (6-16-16.99", 5-15") 2 Googs, Chub, 26" Carp. 5 hours of fishing Probably lost at least 6-10 fish with a few diamonds in there. Charged up bass.

Biked back to the car. Wind was at my back or side the whole way. Called my wife and told her I'd be late because there was a lot of trash to pick up at the bridge and adjoining road. Grabbed 3 tires and about 70 lbs of bottles, cans, and cups. Only a dent.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Of Hogs and Shorn Banks 2/28/12

 headed west today to take a looks see at two streams. Put in near town to try one hole. Water was 4' visibility and there was only one spot with more than that in depth. I pulled an 11" free lining a fnf jig on the bottom. That turned out to be the pattern. Let it sink, wait, flutter up off the bottom, let it sit, repeat. On the way to the next pool I stopped off at a second stream right along a road at a right angle bend. Kept with tight lining the fly jig.

SMB on the first cast, then a couple more with a couple hard fighters pulling free. Then I lost a couple of spotted bass. Got a larger one casting across a laydown and counting down the jig. A 1/16th hair jig with extra craft hair falls nice and slow. Tick. Pulled a chunky 14" Spot over the log and to me.


Tossed upstream of the laydown and got bit on the inside bend, as I was fighting the fish, a lady pulled up and asked me if I knew where any eagles nests were. I hid the fight from her and the fish got off. After she left a retrieve was getting followed by two good size smallmouth bass. I dropped the jig and saw the 16.5" inhale it instantly. Waited. Set hook. Nice fish about 16.5":


Few casts later I got his buddy a 15.75" smallmouth. I spotted a mink on the opposite shore. Took a couple of shots. This one was 'best'.


Managed to snarf up 6 tires from 3 different locations.


Hit another spot where I got a 13" freelining, then thumped like a bass, but a carp was fighting. Wasn't a carp. Ginormous for this little stream. Looked like my first 20" pig of the year. Thick, thick, thick. Measured short of 18"!! All blubber and no length. Great fish. Largest yet from there. Haven't fished it in 2 years...


The spot I was heading to to find some Sauger/Piggie Smalls was filled in with silt to my dismay. Headed back to the bigger stream.

Went to a former killer spot check out the following pics to see how badly the stream is in decline. The second tree before and after. Granted the water is about 8-12" lower.


Mike's ginormous pig amoungst the big fish we caught there.

There just weren't any deep spots anymore.

I headed home with 12 bass 9SMB 3KY (17.75", 16.5", 15.75") in like 2 hours of fishing and lots of driving