Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/18 Smallmouth action

Clear, low, cold, sunny....spinnerbaits/chatterbaits?

Whatever works. Nothing big, 12 fish all but one 12-15.99". 6 were in the 20 minutes before dark.

10/17 Tube Toss- Dusk Spinnerbait Action

Found a black tube bite, if I made long casts to deeper holes. From 1:30-6:30 I hit 8/11 strikes. The largest was a 20" fish that was long and thin. Had been caught at least once before. Unfortunately, my batteries depleted when I went to photo the bass. So I missed out any photos of the two monsters to follow.

Lost another nice fish off a laydown that seemed in the 16-17" range. Walked the cornfields back and hit a confluence just before dark. Picked up one on a tube and missed another. Went with a white Spinnerbait and all hell broke loose. Hitting 8 more bass from 12-17.5 in like 15 minutes. It was awesome. The 17.5 was well over three pounds I'd guess. One of the fattest fish I have ever caught. Looked like a bluegill. When the night went black the bite stopped.

Didn't bring a winter jacket so toughed it out in the 40's temps and wind. Spinnerbait bite warmed me up just right.

17 SMB (20", 17.5, 3 15-15.5") All but one over 12" in 5.5 hours

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ghetto 10/14/09

Met up with SJ after work on Wednesday. Got fishing by 5:30. Smokey Joe was late so I wet a line. On the second pass back upstream I threw a 1/4 white spinnerbait up into some trickling low head dam. A 14ish" fish hit the bait from the side but did not hook. On the next cast, I threw closer into the dam. Maybe 18" into the retrieve, my bait got hit by a rubber band.

Pulled the fish out thinking it was decent, but it stretched on to 18.5". Half the mouth was missing from a previous encounter with man.

Went to look for Smoke. We fished about an hour and had some maybe bites, but no fish in about an hour.

Will try again tomorrow, maybe some sun?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Favorite Movie Moments I- The Big Lebowski

I'm going to start posting some of my favorite movie moments to the blog. Maybe it'll take.

The Big Lebowski:

I first saw this film on video in the late nineties. I think I enjoyed it. It didn't register much with me. So much that the next time I saw it, I seriously wondered what was wrong with me the first time.

An all time quote classic. One of those films you enjoy more with each viewing. I love this movie.

Here's a little reminder if you haven't seen it in a while.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Phillies Advance to NLCS

Just finished watching game 4 of the NLDS between Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies. The last two games have been legendary. Back and forth, tension, great plays by both teams. The Phils finally vanquished a scrappy Rockies team tonight scoring 3 runs in the ninth with two outs. Phils second straight National Leaugue Championship series against the Dodgers.

Had to post this to release some tension. YES! Incredible games.

Now on to a quick drubbing of the Dodgers (I hope).

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with rain. It cleanses, washes away, and renews. It rained all day today in Indianapolis. We have had very little rain since June. A good soaking and cleansing now and then are just the ticket for changing river fishing patterns.

Low, clear water, ultra spooky fish. I've had enough.