Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ripgasm: New Lucky Craft Propbaits

Got these Lucky Craft Kelly J Propbait in the mail today:

The baits look and feel great. I was looking for more durability than LC's other fantastic propbait the Splashtail 90, at first glance KJ seems to have it. The props are not fixed on ballbearings. Which is good for durability but maybe a minus on the action. The blades are thicker and seem less likely to break off. The lure's tail slowly sinks undulating that tail feather. I had started doing this with suspend dots and Splashtails anyway. It sits with only the foward top 1/4 of the bait out of water at rest. It has a knocker for better weight transfer during casting. Weighs in at a 1/2 oz and 2 3/4" long (not including tail feather). Can't wait to put them to the test in 5-6 months. These baits are going to be phenominal.


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