Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ghetto 10/14/09

Met up with SJ after work on Wednesday. Got fishing by 5:30. Smokey Joe was late so I wet a line. On the second pass back upstream I threw a 1/4 white spinnerbait up into some trickling low head dam. A 14ish" fish hit the bait from the side but did not hook. On the next cast, I threw closer into the dam. Maybe 18" into the retrieve, my bait got hit by a rubber band.

Pulled the fish out thinking it was decent, but it stretched on to 18.5". Half the mouth was missing from a previous encounter with man.

Went to look for Smoke. We fished about an hour and had some maybe bites, but no fish in about an hour.

Will try again tomorrow, maybe some sun?

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