Sunday, December 12, 2010

Email Campaign: Indiana Smallmouth Bass limit to Change to 14"?

Next Wednesday, the Indiana DNR Advisory Council is going to consider a recommendation for a statewide Indiana 14” smallmouth bass size limit. This would increase the size limit to 14” in rivers and streams.

If this is a change you would like to see implemented, email your support for the measure to:

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Time is of the essence on this! Let's let them know how Indiana feels about it's river bass fishing. This is far from a sure thing!

December 14th deadline.

Thank you!!


  1. BT,

    Interesting. What are your current regs now? Slot limits MIGHT be better, but for the average fisherman, they can be confusing. A 3 under 12" and 1 over 18-20" would be ideal.

    I have never liked a over a certain set size limit. Like 3 over 12", or 5 over 15" etc.. It promotes removal of larger breeder fish.

    A size reg of 5 UNDER 12" or 3 under 14" would be better.


  2. 5 fish 12" or better.

    Looks like we just might see a change.

    More info soon!

  3. Kamala you would be shocked at what a good slot limit can do for any fishery, the only problem I see is actual enforcement of the (hopefully) new regulations. Indianas flowing waters are choked with small bass, especially spotted bass in certain lower White River and Wabash river drainages. The new regulations would not only protect bigger fish but give anglers the ability to remove sub 12 inch spotted bass which are very abundant and very destructive for smallmouths and largemouths. It would also help in bigger more pressured waters like the White River with the only 2 fish over 15 inch limit. IMHO this is a better solution than a strict 14 inch limit across the board.

  4. Update:


    The new rule would be 3 bass less than 12", none from 12-15", and 2 over 15" in total. Even better than a 14" limit.