Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold and Windy--No Problem. Smallmouth Still Have to Eat 3/26-3/27

Temperatures in the upper 30's Saturday, with wind gusts around 20 mph made for good fishing.
Saturday- all on float and fly out of the kayak. Float down paddle up. Caught in 3.5 hours:17 SMB (17.5", 17.25, 2-15") 1-11" white crappie

Sunday- all on a 1/4 oz 4" tube  In 2.5 hours, 8 SMB (18.25", 17", 16.75", 16.5", 16.25")


  1. Where in Indiana are you catching all these awesome smallies?

  2. All over the place. Study your smallmouth bass behaviour in rivers and creeks, than apply it to Indiana. Nothing beats boots in the water. If you've got moving water, you have probably got smallmouth bass. I'm over 50 streams in Indiana that I have caught smallies in, and there are some I haven't touched!