Friday, June 21, 2013

6/20/13 Half Day Gone Fishing

Our Network was down today, so no email, no printer. Finished up what I could and left for the day. Mowed the grass, then set out to stream.

Bright sunny day, good flow in my creek, visibility in the 18" range of brown stain. 4+ mile wade and then bike shuttle at the end. Arrived at 230pm, so maybe 7 hours to finish. I'd have to run and gun.

Sammy produced until about 6pm. Then the bass started missing. Got a few waking baits, then moved to slowly fishing a tube when that stopped.

Nailed an 18.5" bass near dusk on a tube in a water willow flat. Was just thinking I haven't gotten any nice ones on finesse baits in a while. This spot I had seen bass on several years ago produced now with the limited visibility.

38 SMB (18.5", 3-16-16.5") 4 Rock Bass

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