Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12/07 wade for Late Fall Smallmouth Bass

Went and hit a wintering hole where I was hoping smallies stack up bigtime. Brought Float and Fly for the second time this year.

Got there about 12:30. Threw a fluke because anything with trebles would snag on subsurface leaves. Tubes were out due to dying algae and leaves collecting on the bottom.

The pool I was aiming for is at least 50 yards across and 300 yards long. Last time Mike and I hit it, it was unfishable due to leaves everywhere. The rain had done a great job of sinking the leaves for the most part.

I worked the fluke on a slow pausing retrieve. As it turned out fish were fairly active. I caught them in many of the same spots I did in the summer.

It took a couple hours to fish the pool this way. It was hard, I wanted to run and gun but resisted and was rewarded with 10 SMB 10-nearly 18" on the fluke.

I tried tossing Sammy up to the front of the pool. Was surprised when a fish took a swipe at it. Working it slow above the riffle I caught a 14" and then back down the slow side caught two more 13"ers. Thunder and lightning rolled up and I got soaked.

Went home with a smile. 13 SMB in 3.5 hours. Definately a surprise at the topwater fish. Would have continued, but it was raining cats and dogs with thunder and lightning. Didn't give Float and Fly much of a shot.

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