Sunday, May 18, 2008

Primary Colored River Report 5/18/2008

Jim F called wanting to drive to the great White north in search of Mushrooms and maybe fish. I suggested a bendy section of a colored river. Not that one, not the other either, yes, that color.

The river was flowing between 500-227 depending which gage. Clear at the put in and rocky. Average depth waist high or more. Lots of steep banks and wood everywhere. The sand did have a yellow/orange/brown tint to it.

I stuck with the 1/32 EWG fluke hook for ferreting out the fish near the high water and blasto current. Letting it drift in the current over and past laydowns worked well. Early in the day the fluke was getting bit and Jim got a 17 on chatterbait. I was in the penalty box, but recovered nicely with a 16". Smallies were getting caught left and right.

At one point, I hooked a solid SMB and a large 2'+ Pike was following it downstream neck and neck. Cool. I got the fish to hand, it was a 16"er. All the bass fought hard in the fast current.

About halfway through the wade my Supreme started 'knocking' like it had a dead spot in its tires. I sat and stripped it down while Jim went 'shroom' hunting. The reel had lost about 8 notches on it's main gear wheel. We walked back to the car to get Jim's other spinning reel and went to another stretch.

We also saw a heron rookery with at least 12 nests in a huge sycamore tree. Did you know herons can sound like apes? New on me. The fishing stunk through there. They tried to carpet bomb me.

More fish on flukes including a 17", Jim started getting some on tubes, and finally I made a little run at the end with the firetiger chatter-B at dusk.

Definately a stream to kayak vs wade. There were many areas impossible to fish because of depth or high steep banks.

On the walk back I missed a pig I turned, while Jim found a few Morels. Just like Saturday there seemed to be dead spots in both stretches. We didn't wade very far, so much potential fish holding area.

Overall, I'd fish it again if I lived close or was camping. No big fish, but it's hard to say there aren't mosters in there. Could have just been the day. Too far to drive otherwise.

BT 27 (17, 2 16 2 15) 1 SPT 90, 1 BZNTR, 4 CB, 21 fluke
JF 17 (17, 2 16, 2 15) Jim caught his on CB and mostly tubes

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