Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sammyfest 5/6/08

Voted and did a couple of other errands. Went out for a wade in Russ' territory again. Water was clear and the sun was out. Fishing started out very slow. First 5-6 hours: 2 6" dinks a goog and an 11"er on a fluke :( .

Kept going thinking the sun would eventually go behind the tree line and I walk up on better water. Lots of silt the first half of the stretch, river was wide and shallow/flat.

I found better water and Sammy made them pay, I got 20 Smallies in 2 hours, then 3 more on the walk back to the car. Most were 11-13". Acrobatics in full effect.

Biggest was 16.25 on the walk back, also had a 15.5 that was spawned out. Don't know if the lack of bigger fish was spawn or the relatively poor habitat. Lots of gar hanging out

Walked 7 miles and drank 5 waters. Woof.

26 SMB 1 Goog (16.25, 2 15-15.5")

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