Sunday, February 22, 2009

Determination or stupidity? 2/21/2009

Mike and I fished Saturday, hitting the creek just in time to get that wet, melting snow driven by 15-30 mph winds. The snow and sod quickly stuck to your boot felt, soon we were wearing high heels.

Fish weren't having anything of it at the first two holes. We spent three hours trekking through woods, picking up fossils, and a potential Indian tomahawk/hoe. A bald eagle flew overhead- we had a great look at the majestic bird. By the time we decided to turn back, Mike had to hit the road.

I drove to hit another spot, another long walk through cornfield, the sun came out a little. On an inside bend below a riffle. First cast, my float dunked and a 14" fish came to hand. I then went on and got 5 total from dink to 16.75". Winds were crazy. I drove to anther spot while trying to dry my gloves and hat. Managed 6 more in two spots mostly 14"ers.

Saw lots of birds out there today, strange ducks, geese, and the eagle. Winged ants crawling around in the snow. Looks like they've been tricked.

All 11 fish came in the 3 hours after Mike left. That's about as cold as I've been with wind, dampness from melted snow and temps that dropped into the low 20's.

Last couple times out the bite hasn't started until after 2pm.

11SMB (16.75", 15", 4 14")

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