Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Nut Freeze

2010 is here, so what better to do than relax, watch TV, eat all day in the warmth of home with in laws and such? :o

Psprowler and I had the same idea to see if any of the frozen smallies would be recovered from their libations enough to eat on hairy fly jig.

Gearing up along the highway in 15 mph winds, it was cold. No wait...COLD. Armed with children's bobbers, crappie flies, smokes, breathable waders, warm head and hand gear, and the best Spiderman unders, we hit water around 11:15. The river looked perfect, visibility about 2' with a nice green tint, nice warm sun; enough flow to push fish into eddies. The temp was 16 F.

Quick walk to the first hole where two river channels criss crossed, we got 4 fish hopping the Float and Fly on the bottom, moving it a few inches at a time. The sun warmed us good in that spot but we would be moving on. Another fish on the walk to the next large pool, where the wind greeted us with hatred. We got 4-5 fish out of the big pool. Matt got the largest, this 16"+ SMB.

We hopschotched 4-5 winter holes, catching a few fish in each, then moving up to the next to let it recover, on return it would be "fish on" almost immediately. Perhaps indicating fish swimming circuit.

We had very few actual 'float dunks' all day. Instead, the float would do something 'different' indicating you had a fish on. Your fly had to be on the bottom, an extra foot of line on bottom worked well.

We had 17 Smallies and a Goog in 4.5 hours, most between 12-14", but a handful of nicer 15-16". As long as the wind wasn't on you, it was pretty toasty in all those layers. Disappointed there weren't the usual larger bass, but solid action for the mid 30's water temps.

2010 is here. Happy New Year!



  1. Nice way to start the new year. I've thought about using a bobber above a tube when fishing on the bottom as a strike indicator. Might be helpful for new fisherman who can't feel light bites and it might help someone like myself slow down a little. Only really fished one pool the other day out but all the fish seemed glued to the bottom as well. No takers on dropshot or float n fly.
    What are you using to keep ice off your reel and guides I'm going back to using reel grease.
    Nice report .

  2. Phil, had big problems with my top 4 guides icing. I didn't spray them with Reel Magic and I don't know if it would have made a difference.

    I can fish a tube slow, but the FnF on the bottom like that shows me I am not fishing it slow enough. Plus, the direction of twitch would be different. Might have to try some 2.5" tubes on FnF.

    We caught 18 fish, but I was disappointed nothing good showed up. very rare to get that many and not hit some good ones.

    Looks like a long wait until the next chance.

  3. Nice outing Brenden. I haven't had the motivation to get out in the near zero temps. Got some new float-n-flies from Jonn. Just gotta get out and try them! Ice fishing might be next on the list. Need some walleye for eating.

  4. Well Eric, you certainly had a great run there at the end of the year on Sammy/Spook. I got a little envious, as I know just how much fun that kind of gunslinging is! Good job.

    Not much of a topwater at all in Indiana rivers this year.

    I hate changes like this and like it at the same time. Throw me a curveball nature. Come on. Do it. Different story with a different ending. That said, I want big Sammytime in 2010. If nothing else, it will eternally annoy Josh Mcdermott.

    I need to fish sometime with both of you guys because it would be great to get your perspectives on fishing streams. Maybe in 2010.

    Not that far away.