Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first big Smallmouth Bass of the year 2/28/2010

Got 4 smallies dragging tubes slowly through a huge eddy. Fish didn't want float and fly at all for the second straight day. Skunked Saturday.

Largest went 20".


  1. Nice smallie! I'm always impressed at you guys catching fish in the rivers when we still have 16" of ice on the lakes. Cheers!

  2. Hey, Ben. We still have ice on ponds and such. It was 38F, which was the high in the last week.

    The thing to remember is, moving water doesn't freeze as easily.

    You may be able to fish warm water discharges or areas warmed naturally by springs.

    You may have rivers with free water up there, I don't know.

  3. BT,

    Nice fish. Kinda thin for a winter bass. I've been out 3 times in the last couple weeks. 7 bass so far, with a nice heavy 19" as the largest. Water temps have been 36 degrees. How large of a tube are you using?


  4. It was a thin fish.

    I only throw 4" tubes.

    3/4 were thin. Minnows I saw were tiny. Probably not a good sign for that pool.

    Course I have caught some gigantic fatties in there too.

    Typically a fat SMB in an Indiana Creek is exception rather than rule.