Saturday, August 7, 2010

8/6 Indiana Smallmouth Creek Wade

Water is coming down to summer levels in some areas, in others the flow is nearly still. I hit one such creek this morning.

Nothing too exciting or dramatic. Early it was all about tubes. One nice 17"er to hand

Water was cool early. Bass didn't want much movement.
As it warmed up there were active smaller fish near what little current I could find. I used a Mega Bass propdarter. It was a success. Shiner and Smallie on one bait:

Another 17, this time on a grub:

The large deep pools had no current and very boring to fish. No sun early, so not even shade to bunch them up. Scouted some other stretches. Man, there is a lot to fish on this one for its size.

40 SMB (2-17" 2-15") 8 Misc creek fish in 6 hours

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