Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wisconsin, here I come?

Wife's cousin is getting married in Wisconsin weekend of August 22nd. Shall I purchase a Wisconsin fishing license and hit random stream Z? Suit up Bond style for the wedding after? Guess we will be around Milwaukee, if my poor memory is correct.

If I like it, I may just stay. It is too hot down here.


  1. I have a fishing buddy who lives in Milwaukee, want me to ask him about the lakes and streams in the area?

  2. Thanks for the offer, Ben. I haven't decided to bring the gear yet. Wouldn't have all day to dedicate the way I know it should.

    Kind of like the idea of looking at Google Maps and jumping in a creek somewhere.

    In the end, I've got to get up there some time with more time. Then i'll drag you along for a river wade somewhere.

  3. Stay an extra in the morning and take the wife out for a nice late brainer!

  4. Wish I could. We have a three day fishing camping trip the following weekend in Indiana. Guess I am going to make this one about her. Should be some good food and drink to find.

    I'll hit the Cheese state soon.