Friday, February 18, 2011

2/17/11 Cat Piss Reciprocity

Zack and I took a day off Thursday. Forecast was for 65F on 2/17.

Rivers had come up slow, so I hoped the water wouldn't be turbulent. Unfortunately, the river was so we hit something a little more secret. When we passed over, the green water was all we needed to see to get excited.

I selected all the spots, having never fished them before in cold weather. It can be hard to find the exact location in each pool where fish hold. This creek is exceptionally rocky so there are plenty of places to hide.

I was goofing with my new baitcaster when I see Zack pull a smallish smb out of my first spot with a fnf jig.

Later, he pulled a couple more on tubes including this 17"er. It took patience and maybe something else to get bit.

We left to hit another hole, Zack smelled of cat piss. His garage cat was having its way on Zack's waders all winter. So we got back in my car and hit another spot. Zack pulls a handful of dinks, then pulls this 17"er out of a spot I had combed about 10 times.

I'm thinking it is not my day. Nothing worked for me.

Really don't know why he caught the first 7 bass, things like that can drive you nuts.

At the last hole, enough of the cat piss smell collected on MY tube to get bit. Working parallel to a classic high bank with current broken up by a number of rootwads, 2' from shore. A rubber band flick hit my tube. It took almost a three count for me to realize it was a bass. The fish hooked itself and the rest was easy.

Got one, finally! Sigh of relief.

ZP: 7 SMB 2-17"+
BT: 1 SMB 17"+

We joked it was the urine scent on the lures.


  1. BT,

    The one bass looks like a largemouth. Nice report for first outing.

    I got out and got 2 15" in 4 hours. 36 degree water with clarity at 4" dirty. Tough going for the most part, but I'll take it.


  2. Mark-

    Yeah, it does kind of have a stripe like a LMB in this picture.

    I got 7 today, but no size. Jerkbaits and FnF.

    Water was 44.5F on Thursday according to Zack.