Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Stellar Day 2/27/2011

Following up yesterday's high water success,  today I targeted a larger, wider pool and found them stacked up on the current seam. Overlining slowed the drift down. Action all day. Today I got 23 smallies in slightly more than 4 hours. All on float and fly. The fought really hard and a couple went slightly airborne, even lost one 17-18"er.. When I got back to the car I was shocked to see the temps had reached 50F+

Lesson: Not to neglect current seams, even in winter. I drifted the bait with open bail. Caught 33/36 smallies this weekend on one black/while/flash fnf jig before I lost it at the end.
17.75" Smallmouth Bass

18.75" smallmouth bass

17.5" smallmouth bass

18" smallmouth bass

23 SMB (18.75", 18", 17.75", 17.5", 16", 3 15-15.75")


  1. Awesome! Love to see those smallies. Can't wait till the water opens up here MI.

  2. Very nice! Hoping to get a little break in the weather up here. I don't mind higher water but ours is all chocolatey...

    I saw you mentioned baitcaster in a previous post. What did you end up going with and what rod did you pair it with?

  3. Thanks, Fellas.

    Kev- I bought a left handed retrieve Curado and have been playing with it all winter.

    Rod is a custom 7'er on a rainshadow blank.

  4. BT,

    What do you think the water temps are? Still pretty cold up here with a mix of rain and snow.


  5. Mark, I couldn't say but to venture a guess. There wasn't much sun to warm it up. But we did have high water on this flow that had run clear (for the flow level). It had rained 5 days earlier in the 50's- then 5 days of freezing, below freezing nights (20's) and one mid 40's.

    My guess based on their gusto would be solidly in the low 40's.

    The previous weekend- on a much smaller creek we got 44.5F. It had gotten colder and a larger flow...