Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smallmouth Hungry 6/11 and 6/12

Waded Saturday. Late start. Caught bass on spinnerbait, crankbait, wakes, and buzzbait. Black fry under the bridge I ditched the bike at.

Pulled a lamprey off one fish's head, thought I had severed or crushed its spine, but it swam off. Leech on my shin when I got home. Took about 45 minutes to stop the bleeding (leeches secrete an anti coagulant as well as a local anesthetic.

22 SMB in 4 hours (16.5",16")
Sunday again started late. Brand new water. On the water around 1:30PM. Brought Wendy with. Wakebaits to begin and cranks just to check. Lots of 12-15" smallmouth. Had 22 in the first 2 hours. We waded downstream after finishing the job up. Wendy had an incedent with a softshell turtle on a beach. Staredown. When he swam away, she thought she'd find him.

Walking downstream- the deeper water pools, I pulled a 1/4oz grub with some good results. Pool-riffle after riffle pool. Smallies were fighting like nuts, lost more than a few on jumps.

Black fry were clearly moving around and eating now, maybe 3/5" long and getting thick. Weren't many places I didn't find them on this stream. Wendy was getting tired so we headed back upstream. I ment to cover ground so I threw a WBZ. Nailed a nice greenie then a spawned out 18" off a laydown.

Thin, spawned out Smallie that taped the same as the LMB above.

47 bass 45 SMB 2LMB (2-18", 2-16, 5- 15-15.75") 4 Googs and a chub. All that action in only 5.5 hours

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  1. BT,

    Just stop in to say great looking pics and action. Have not been out in awhile with the wild weather here. Stay well and keep up the action.