Monday, December 26, 2011

After Chistmas Pig Sale 12/26/2011

7 SMB in the first hour, to 19", couple 16"'s. Couple were surprisingly close to current that was slightly faster than slow.


Went to another spot that is pretty new to me in the cold and took a long while to find where the fish held. Finally, a couple dinks (as so often happens) revealed this giant's general location:



Great fights on the 8' noodle rod. Casts a little bit further too. The big girl wanted to take flight a couple times, but just couldn't get up. Lots of heavy head shaking like jaws.

I tried two other old spots, nothing doing. One hasn't produced in anything but really high water last year, another lost a bit of the pile that caused the current break. Now where I used to catch fish in slack, is no longer slack. Was my 3 18"'s out of a garbage can spot that time with Mike. Sure they moved elsewhere, just not readily apparent.

10 SMB in 3.5 hours [20", 19", 2-16"]

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