Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Golden Smallmouth- INSA Gold Challenge Trophy


Keep in mind it is not a fish catching contest per say, but a having fun while fishing contest, to encourage camraderie and resource stewardship while making ours an awesome website. March 6th was the start of the contest this year and will run until INSA Stravaganza 2011 where the GOLDEN SMALLIE will be awarded.

1. Catch a smallmouth bass 17" or better. +10 points only one fish nominated for the year.
2. Catch a smallmouth bass 18" or better. +10 points - only one fish nominated for the year.
3. Catch Indiana Bass Grand Slam of any 4 of the following in one day: 10 points Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, KY Spotted Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Striped Bass, or Rock bass. Bonus Points for each extra species past 4:+5, +10, +15. Trust ya on the smallie, LMB, rock bass; get a pic of the spot, white bass, striper, or wiper. For identifications purposes. Only score once on this-take the highest total.
4. Catch a smallmouth bass in each month of the year with 1 point for each month +8 bonus for all 12.
5. Catch two smallmouth bass or more on one line: +10 points +1 for each additional time after the first.
6. Participate in INSA stream cleanup: +15 points per event
7. 1 point for each Indiana stream you catch a smallmouth bass out of (no maximum).
8. 1 point for fishing with each different INSA member. (no max)
9. 10 points for getting someone to join INSA. (no max)
10. Random tagteam clusterfrick deathmatch. Teams fish with total inches over 16" combined counted. Penalty if a team member blanks on 16"+ of -5". Win 10 points, lose 5 points. 1st event counted total no matter how many events held.
11. 2 Points per full garbage bag of trash collected. (No max)
12. Catch a double with a partner: 5 points. Bonus +10 if one catches a double during the double. +20 bonus if you both get a double/double, etc...
13. Reverse cliff dive. Catch a smallie from a high bank with your feet 6' or more above the water. +10 (Once)
14. Catch a smallmouth on a fly rod if you chuck gear, catch a smallmouth on a spinning rod if you are a fly fisherman. +10 (Once)
15. Catch a smallmouth in 5 bodies of flowing water in one day. +20 +2 for each additional stream with smallie caught during same day. (Once)
16. Take kid fishing, have kid catch a fish +10, smallie +5 points +1 each new kid taken fishing.
17. Catch a smallmouth on a lure you find on your outing +10 points (Once) +1 each day after.
18. Catch a smallmouth bass with the reel handle on the wrong side. +10 points (Once)
19. Random tagteam clusterfrick deathmatch. Teams fish with total inches over 16" combined counted. Penalty if a team member blanks on 16"+ of -5". River fished are picked by your opponents. +10 win, +5 lose
You could throw whatever rules in you like. Pick as a team determined randomly ahead of time. Rivers would have to be picked from a list of candidates. No sending someone to Blue river! Course you could also send them to Blue river! LOL.
20. Catch a fishing lure, ON A FISHING LURE. +20 points (Once)
21.Pics of wildlife posted to site (you have to take them: Badger 10, Skink/salamander 9, River Otter 9, Bald Eagle 8, Owl 7, Mink 7, Coyote 7, Red Tail Hawk 5,Deer 3+.25 per point, Beaver3, Muskrat 2 , Water snake 3, misc turtle 3. 1 submittal? (Once each, bonus points for rare duplicates)
22. Pretty shot of smallmouth being released or swimming off: +10 (Once)
23. Catch heeps of smallies and Morrels. IN THE SAME DAY! 10 of each. +10 points (Once)
24. Volunteer at the State Fair kids fishing pond. +10 points
25. Volunteer to run the INSA booth at a show. +10 points
26. Super human report of some strange feat with rod like catching a lure on a lure you found then landing a 17"er on the lure you caught on your found lure . Or some other such crazy happening as to entertain your INSA members. (heck, I give 20 points for the lure on a found lure caught on a lure that catches a fish- hell, just hand over the trophy!) Eyewitnesses or pics please! Catch a fish with a rod and reel you found in the stream that day (call it the "Franko special"). Catch two smallies on the same single hook. +10 points or more as needed)
27. Catch a fish on a lure you made from scratch. Ie...tie a fly, carve a crankbait, pour your own plastics. Sorry, jigheads don't count. +10 (Once)
28. Catch a smallie at night, it must be dark for it to be night. No sunlight or sunnset or dusk. DARK. +5 points (Once)
29. "Call Your Shot Challenge". You have to be with a witness. Declare you will catch a fish, on your next cast, you catch a smallmouth. +7pts. Fail -5pts.


  1. New season starts February 26th!

  2. Morels. Oh I miss morels. Not that I ever had a decent spot for them...

    Looks like you're staying warm enough to have some fun, Brenden.

  3. I never have either, Tim. Mushroom people can be quite protective and obsessive. occasionaly I stumble on some, then it is in the bag!