Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fuego 6/30/12

Just finished up a 6.74 mile wade Saturday. Epic. Starting to figure this one out. Of course, the low water helps. Caught fish on 10 different lures because the fishing died in the middle of the day. Then I'd catch a lone fish in no man's land on each.

Early I had a Sammy bite and a 18.25" within sight of the bridge, passed some bucket sitters and got a 19.25". Things warmed up and the bass stopped connecting on the Sammy (but still swiped/whiffing). I had 4 or 5 really big blow ups, that knocked the bait in the air. Changed to Sammy 65 and an 18"er nailed it. This was by noon and barely 2 miles in, so I thought it was going to be great. Things got really slow, couldn't get them in the woodpiles because tube wasn't getting bit. Storm came in that wasn't a storm and suddenly, there was a tube bite. After like 10 bass out of one riffle, including a couple 16"'s, I picked another 16" on Sammy. Three hours of slow fishing in the day followed by more mayhem as it got to the end of the wade. Pulled a 17.5", 16", 16", 15.75, 18" out of the last confluence. Could have been many more pigs with the wiffing. Couldn't figure it out

Now what to do tomorrow?

Sadly, my camera battery was kaputt from testing movies! BRAWR. :evil:

52 SMB (19.25", 3-18-18.25", 17.5", 5-16"-16.5", 3- 15-15.75")

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