Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Streak for Stream Smallmouth Bass

Ok, these streaks and Joe Dimaggio got me thinking how to measure your own fishing progress on rivers and streams in Indiana.

Gold Streak- 20"er or better in consecutive outings. My best streak is 4 in a row, last Fall/Winter.
Silver Streak- 18"er or better in consecutive outings. My best streak here is 11 in 2013, 6 in 2011, 5 in 2011, and 4 outings in a row 3 times.
Bronze streak- 17"er or better in consecutive outings. My best streaks here are 18 (2013), 12, 10, and 9 on 4 occasions.


  1. Very impressive to say the least. I know it must bring a great deal of satisfaction in having the knowledge and ability to find SMB of this size on such a consistent basis and be able to outwit them when you do.
    On a related topic, have you found a general rule on how long a stream must be(such as 15 miles long) to provide the ideal habitat for trophy size smallmouth? I didn't know if you try to locate a certain size stream on a map before getting your feet wet.
    I'm certainly aware of how much passion and dedication you must have to attain these formidable streaks of trophy size smallmouth. JQ

  2. Thanks John. No rhyme or reason to the length or size of the stream. There are creeks you can almost jump across that will produce 19" bass. There are others 4 miles long. Others 100 miles long. Size of water has less bearing than the overall habitat, gradient, food availability, fishing pressure, and how much the stream changes its banks from year to year. The smaller the creek, the less skill involved in the actual fishing, but often more walking than fishing.