Monday, November 18, 2013

11/16-11/17 First Float of the Fall

Water has been really low and fish are scattered amoungst the pools. Making it hard to find the big girls. Floated down through a couple holes Saturday. Had to meet friends at 6, so I didn't go far. Brought baitcaster to chuck spinnerbaits, fnf rod. I tried jerkbaits and crankbaits, there really wasn't anywhere you could retrieve them without catching a leaf. Basically, where they were supposed to be, water too low to concentrate the bass for easy catching. Had to work the huge pool methodically, then they mostly turned up right at the front. Picked a 15"er early floating down with another 12". Next couple hours, worked one pool, lost a couple fish and consistently caught a smallmouth between 12-15" until I felt it was getting close to time to go.

Headed back up and nabbed a couple more to 15". Went 10/12, mostly on the long rod.

10 SMB (3-15", 2-14") 4 hours

Sunday got a later start than I'd hoped 12. Should have gotten out early considering warm overnight temps. Same presentations, but I brought a spinning rod instead. Kayak was in the car in case I wanted to try a float. Ended up walking the high bank trying to spot the structure to cast to in a huge pool 300-400 yards long. Spotted several nice smallmouth in the shallows along one bank. They spooked from my slow movement. Surprising, but not.

At the top of a pool, I pulled a nice 17.25" smallmouth off a boulder. Bass went airborne twice. A dink not long after. I walked one side of the pool form 10-12' above everything I saw spooked, by the time I got to the end and turned around, I could guess where I might need to fish. On the slow wade back I picked 6 more to 14". It started to rain hard at that point, when the lightning started I headed towards the car and hell was unleashed. Put on a raincoat and headed to a second spot got a dink there. The wind was kicking so much fishing was useless. Packed it in at 3PM after being drenched
through my "raincoat".

Both days it was hard to present properly, hitting leaves throwing off the cadence and bottom feel, but when you found a fish, they were willing. Unfortunately, they weren't stacked up, so no easy fish standing in the same spot. I stayed right in that one pool, worked methodically.

White out conditions on the way home from the rain. I stopped the car at one point, as the rain was coming down horizontal and near zero visibility. Semis were overturned on the highway. Back in Indy, a double rainbow!

9 SMB- (17.25", 14") 3 hours

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