Monday, March 17, 2008

Flock of turkey, herd of deer, and lone piggie. 3/17/08

Got out for a wade today, more like a bank pounding with crossings made to test my waders. The air was cold 39F with sleet and drizzle off and on. Water was clear to about 2' and 41F.

I got two 16"ers on a tube near a current seam. They fought hard, surprisingly hard.

Moved on to my target pool and looked for the slackest areas that held fish in summer. I got a 15"er on FnF which was followed by a huge carp as it fought hard. Don't know what was up with that. Got 3 more 13-15" on FnF, with some behind boulders in current.

Saw a turkey up the hill within 30 feet of me, when I got out to get warm, I saw this:

Blurry flock (term?) of tukeys didn't like my presense. They were quite comical running away like that.

Went back down to the bottom of the pool to take it from the other direction. My fly dunked after going over a point about 10' in front of me and there was a brief struggle with this 19"er who was quite well fed! Smaller fish fight harder.

Caught another 13"er and headed back home. On the way, I spotted a herd of deer at least 10 strong. Cool.

8 SMB (19", 2 16") No dinks

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