Friday, March 7, 2008

High Water Winter Float and Fly 3/7/08

Took the dog out for another walk today. Water was up in the 1,000's CFS, however the visibility was 10-12" and green :) . Air temp was 25-27F and water temp was 38. Most of the ground was still thawed.

In the first 15 minutes, the float dunked and a 16" SMB came to hand. The fish had hit close to the main current seam.

I landed a dink about 30 minutes later. Moved downstream and got a 10" Rock bass on a chartreuse fly from the middle of a large eddie. Moved back to the first spot and tried a more natural color. Either, the fish had turned on or they like the chub imitation better. I landed another 16" and a 13" and 14". All the fish had red 'lipstick' from the cold water.

Decided to leave, warm the dog up in the car ride to the next spot. One which I haven't hit this year.

This spot is a tall steep western bank with a long a 45 degree bend in the stream. Quickly found fish close to shore in the high water. Picked up a beautifully yellow 17" within 6" of the shore in a beaver hole. Yanked it straight up without a fight.

Let the beaver hole cool and moved up a bit. Landed two more a 12 and 13 on the fly, again close to the bank (within 5 feet), after it cooled I lost my fly in a tree. Decided to try a blue/black 4" Hooked Up tube dragged painfully slow in the Beaver Hole. A solid thwack, startled, then the fish camer to surface and I lost it. Looked about 13-14". The aggressiveness of the strike was a definate clue to drag the tube some more.

Casting parallel to the steep bank, I was rewarded by another solid 'thunk'. it was a large fish that went on a solid run, then I pulled up the 4 foot bank thanks to strong braid. It went 18+

What a goofy picture :D:D .

9 SMB (18+", 17", 2 16") 1 Rock Bass (10")


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