Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abducted by Aliens 8/16/09

Wanted to make a departure from the usual rotation. Results have become somewhat predictable. Mike and I waded one of the prettier small streams in Indiana. Flowing deep in sandstone cliffs, covered in shade; 4 miles of it fishable. Water was crystal clear. We started out on the big river and headed upstream. The bottom stretch of the creek being siltier, filled with wood to fish, and a trickle. I picked up a 14" bass on a tube at the first hole. We caught smallies and spots here and there off scour holes in front of laydowns. Tubes.

I just missed my target and had my tube over a dead branch above the water when a 14-15" smallmouth came out of the water (yes, that's airborne) and hit the dangling tube, had it in its mouth, but flopped off. One of the cooler things we had seen in a while. I got a couple more 14-15" then a 16.25"er off a laydown. Mike was matching me with Spots and dinks.

Action was pretty good. This was how stream bassing was supposed to be. I couldn't help feeling it had something to do with the lack of runoff entering this stream. We picked up fish here or there and lost fish here or there. Not a lot of deep holes so, we'd do some walking to get bit, but it was predictable. Lots of fish picked up flossing boulders or throwing under ledges.

I had a green pumpkin tube with bright chartreuse tail. I could see the bait exceptionally well. Instead of just working it for feel, walking the dog, flossing rocks, etc. I could jet it past boulders to draw fish out before I killed it. Could actually see the bait climb over logs and drop. Very neat.

Here's a 17.25" that fell to a tube:

We each caught a 16"er on tubes. I got a 15.5"er on a crankbait, then a couple on a grub. It was about noon and we had 28 bass. There was a nice breeze that kept things humane. The water was pleasantly cold. The second half was Mike pulling even a little bit. We walked up on some bedrock shallows around 4.3 miles in and turned back at 4:30. Mike caught a chunky 14.5"er. I started getting action on the Wake crank with a stop and go retrieve. Fish went crazy. Looked like rain. I lost a couple good fish on the way back and we both started slamming bass on top as a storm came in quick

By the time a storm rolled up, we were nearly back to the truck. The walk back had taken 4 hours!!!! No way. Lost time for sure. It was a great day of fishing and being in nature. I can't help think a spaceship was involved.

BT 33 32 SMB (17.25" 2 16"+, 3-4 15", 4-5 14"), 1 Spot (13"). 3 Googs and a River Chub.
MC 23 bass incl. handful of Spots and a LMB (16", 3-4 15", some 14"'s). 1 Creek Chub

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