Monday, August 31, 2009

INSA 2009 Camp and Fish Outing August 28-30th

Friday: Waded with Mike. It rained off and on. I don't care much about weather of any sort. I'll go through just about any discomfort to catch good smallmouth. Cold, wet, rain, below freezing. Doesn't matter. Mild showers. No biggie. We waded a few miles and found 4" grub to be the ticket.

I had 19 Mike 10. Biggest only 16.75".


Fished with hangover and Zack. Bigger fish active with buzzbaits early with Zack nailing this sweet 17.5" early on and discovering the pattern. I nailed this 17" shortly after.

Zack picked up bass on a 4.5" swimbait after I had combed the water about 3 or 4 times.

We found a spot where a creek came in and the slaughter was on. I picked up three more nice fish on the LC Waketail 1.5

BT 23 (18, 17.9, 17.25, 17, 15)
ZP 24 (17.5, 17, 2-3 15-15.5")

Saturday: Took Jason out for some wading instruction, waded downstream, which turned out to be the perfect demonstration as we caught a couple on the way down working painfully slow. On the way back up, I was ripping the bass up on tubes and baby flukes, picking up 12 more in the hour walk back. Biggest 15.75" and 15". Jason tripled his lifetime smallie catch over the weekend.

Didn't fish dusk on any of the days so prime fishing could have been missed. Quit around 4, 5:30, and 3 pm. The camping, drinking, and eating were a lot of fun too.

So the weekend totals were 57 SMB with 5 over 16". Altogether, I fell 86 bass short of my 200 fish goal. Ah well. Still was great fun!


  1. How were you fishing that 4" grub? Were you swimming it, skipping it,...? What sort of jighead did you use. I've been interested in working grubs into the rotation a bit more.

  2. Either a 3/16 or 1/4 oz darter head.

    Change speeds until you get bit. Throw at boulders and floss them repeatedly.

    5"ers work very well too.