Saturday, September 19, 2009

I been hitting small, clear streams, hoping to find some stupid fish. Tired of the silly patterns some of the others are on. September has been mostly micro flows. It's been fun.

Tried a new stream. Hardly any water in it. Water clear. Bedrock bottom and limestone cliffs. Bedrock kept it from having many deep holes. They were few and far between. Creek was filled with huge bait fish of all types most were in the 4-6" range.

When I did find a hole the bass were easy to catch provided I was silent and made long casts. Since there wasn't any current and the trees are losing some leaves it was hard to work many baits. All fish came out of the deepest holes. Nothing in shallow runs all day.

Everything came on the Wake Crank. I couldn't get bit on anything else. Most were absolute chunks. It was obvious these fish were well fed. The thickest on average I've seen in an Indiana creek.

I was having back stiffness, I stopped after 4 hours, followed an old abandoned railway back to the car. Ready for the storms tomorrow and some big creek big fish.

10 Bass-9 SMB (16.25", 15, 3 14-14.75") 1 KY Spot, 1 Chub


  1. Nice!! We could use some water here too.

  2. Hey, Kev. We got a little. Not much. Would be nice to throw at current seems vs flat water!

  3. What's a current seam? LOL It's been a tough year for me. I guess I just didn't adjust. I did learn some things so that's good. I'm actually looking forward to colder weather, higher water, no weeds and trying some FNF.

  4. Kev, I think they went nocturnal on the bigger streams. Wonder what causes that?

    My second half of 2009 has been subpar.