Sunday, April 18, 2010

Micro Flow/Mother Flow Wade 4/17/10

I stopped to check white bass, but they weren't there yet. I caught some dink LMB, met Mike, and left for a new small flow. Very promising. Lots of riffle pools. A few of them shallow, but lots of round rock habitat. We waded downstream and Mike got on the board first with a chunky 15" on 1/8th oz chatterbait. I added a dink on the chatterbait and we waded downstream, spooking lots of fish. Some beds were spotted and fish were hanging in spawnish areas, but not in pairs or groups.

I threw on a clown color LC pointer 78 to drift through shallow water and twitch. Just below one riffle the bait hit a rock, err piggish smallie (for this micro anyway) who could not get airborne. Got her to hand and she pinched shy of 18".

Mike got a couple on LC Wakecrank that were dinks. Then we came out into the main flow and waded up. Mike nails two more dinks on WC. I'm still throwing the jerk and drifting it patiently. Finally I get in on the act and we catch a few more dinks before I get a 14" on the WC in close to the bank.

We hit a large pool and pretty much chuck the WC. I get a 14" on splashdown, then Mike gets a 14" under bridge. We each get a dink and return where Mike pulls a nice one 13-14" off a laydown out into fast current to nail his bait. Lots of chasers that wouldn't commit. Seemed to be no rhym or reason to why they bit.

No action on the walk down maxi to micro flow. We wade back up micro flow, where I get a 14", 13", dink on the walk back. Current was just fast enough to wear a body out.

Seemed like more action than it was. We both saw plenty of fish in the microflow. Will be back soon to explore more. All but 3 bass came on topwaters.

Fish are in summertime haunts now. Lots of activity from all species. Algae growing on the bottom, but not in murking up the water yet at all vis to 4'.

BT 11 (17.75")
MC 8 (15")

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