Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Dear Smallies, over the years I have grown so very fond of you and your rivers, as one who thinks from afarwith great consideration and affection; I thought I'd send you this letter. It professes my affection for your abundant 'qualities' .
The way you leap from the water when hooked shows great spirit and a vigor for life.

You eat whatever I give you, but sometimes you want what you want like a true independent woman.

I love the way your belly bulges in the spring.

You don't get jealous when I go out with your friends.

Your curves are beautiful and streamlined. Smallie, your fins are so...useful.

You, my dear Smallies, make the prettiest splashes, which by the way are so much louder than your big mouthed cousin, Whateverhismouth. When you walk on the water, my heart is beats a-flutter.

Your ample lips, I long to hold them in my hand (carefully supported under the belly by my other hand, of course.)

You breathe under water and I breathe air. I'm not saying there won't be some difficult times. People will talk. I am ready for that. I won't let other aquatic dwelling flora and fauna sabotage US.

Smallie, the way you change color when we meet, I know you must feel, I hope, just like I feel, that we really could make a special life together... somewhere, anywhere, I don't really care where. I just want to BE with you. I'll live under a rootwad for you, girl.

Finally, I must admit :

Smallie. Girl. I love you.

The waters may be high and brown, but I can't quit you now.

Call me. Please.



  1. I think we may be in love with the same alluring creature. She seems to have more of affinity to you though. That probably has something to with me not chasing her for the last month due other obligations. You know how women like to be the only one who matters. She might be mad at me as I didn't get a whole lot of love this spring. Perhaps she is holding out... I have a couple new pretty shiny things to show her. Perhaps those will catch her attention just long enough for me to engage her in a loving embrace. If only that embrace is long enough and she special enough that I can get an electronic image of her and I together that I can look at over and over again on my big screen when no one else is around and I'm missing my special girl.

  2. Glad to see someone 'got it'. We have a Kentucky trip brewing. We'll see.