Monday, April 11, 2011

4/10 Float and Wet Wade

Got out for a solo float by 1230. Sun was blazing and I couldn't find any smallies in the large pools I was in. Managed 1 10"er on a Pointer 100, but had another chase from a fast run.

With the warmth, bass had moved up into runs and riffles. The pools and winter holes were mostly empty. It was windy again so I ditched the yak around 4 with one bass and a sunfish to show( both on foot) . Hit 4 dink to 13" in a fast run above a large pool wet wading. Later added a 3 Googs. Worked some riprap after 5pm and hit a nice 15"er. Headed to another rip rap area and the bite definately was on right on a current seam. Dragged a 1/4 tube. 14", 16", 19.25", 16.5", couple 12"'s. Missed some smaller fish. Carp were playing and flopping. Air was warm and water felt great on my legs.

Recognized the in riffle/run pattern late, but not too late. Spent the first three + hours combing large pools. It has been a good Spring and my guesses have been mostly on the money until today. Hindsight should have said to work ambush points in shallow water near feeders bringing in even warmer water. Was going for cold big fish and they aren't cold any longer! Should have hopped riffles in the car. What could have been....

12 SMB (19.25", 16.5", 16", 15") 3 Googs and 1 Longear.


  1. BT,

    Same pattern here. Water temp 61 and flow for April is what I consider low. Bass moved out and spread out into the riffle areas. It becomes tough trying to locate them in this condition. I would prefer high and warm vs low and warm.


  2. Jealous over here in Cincinnati. We've had non stop rain and swollen rivers. Come on mother nature!

  3. Well, I live in the center of the state, so I can go in any direction. Plus, I'll fish high water if I know where the fish are.