Monday, April 25, 2011

Fishing Log and Rainy Days

Rain and more rain. A lot can probably be learned with the water up and muddy. I'd love to be out right now in some of my favorite spots just to see what the rivers look like right now. Where the slow water is. Problem is, I'd like to see any of a thousand spots right now. My brain wants knowledge to sift through. At the same time, that is a lot of effort for no physical reward. So instead, I stay home. If someone wants to pay me to do this, get in touch.

Been trying to be more creative in how I look at river smallmouth fishing, setting goals on new things to try, etc. In the rain induced boredom, I found myself drifting through my fishing logs, looking for a pattern in the numbers. Sometimes this becomes an activity more like looking at the back of baseball cards. I compare years and streams over those years for some nugget of information to enjoy.

I am making this a best and worst type post, if only to throw up something to surpass in the future.

Best 5 Smallmouth Bass in inches in one day total: 93.5" (9/22/2007), 92.5"(2008), 92"(2009) Combined with another person: 95" 2007, 95"(Mike*2) 5/25/2010 9/22/2007
Most Smallmouth Bass in a day: 72  7/31/2010; 72 6/24/2008; 70 7/24/2010
Most Smallmouth Bass in a day combined with another person: 103 (Nate)7-2011; 98 Mike 8/14/2011, 98 9-2007
Most 16"+ Smallmouth Bass in a day: 15 10/2/2007; 11 9/22/2007
Longest streak of days 1 or more 18"+ Smallmouth Bass: 4-2011, 4-2009, 4-2008
Longest streak of days without a 18"+ Smallmouth Bass: 10 Oct 15.2008- Nov 16th 2008; 10 May 27th-June 24th 2008

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