Sunday, April 17, 2011


Crankbite was still on Sunday. Water had come down and cleared up to maybe 24" visibility. At the first riffle, my crankbait got nailed by a 13" smallmouth bass. Guess they didn't have to warm up much.

Lots of walking today to get to the holes.

Had a large fish flop off at my feet when he hooked my crank on a root. Looked in the 18-19" range.

Some fish on tubes, but most were on crankbaits. Here's the best fish I landed:

17 smallmouth (17.5", 2-15") 3 Googs and 2 Chubs in like 7.5 hours of which a lot was walking through woods and long expanses of bedrock.

Good exercise. Bite was probably better than my results as I had a bail problem and was breaking in a new rod with a lot less butt than I am used to.