Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 INSA Camp and FIsh 8/26-8/28/11

Indiana Smallmouth Alliance has a tradition of putting on a Camp and Fish event each year. This year we were at Tippecanoe State Park near Winamac, IN August 26-28th. Thursday to Sunday. Lots of great times, yummy food, and new favorite lawn game "Kubb Spiel". We had 15 attendees this year.

Andy got 9 Northern Pike on a wade Thursday

Weird stream. You can see down 4-5' in direct light with perfect clarity, yet would have a hard time making much out due tothe dark brown and yellow bottom. All they would hit really were 5" flukes.

Multi species day SMB, pike, googs, crappie. We ended with about 16 SMB, 10 Northerns, 5 Rock Bass, and a crappie. biggest smallie below, 14". Lots of slaps on the fluke which were 8-10" smb. Probably would have cleaned up with a 3" fluke.

Zach M and I did a wade on Friday, driving about 35 minutes south to fish a creek there. Big difference instead of swamp and wood we had rock and silt no flow. Tubes and grubs we had 33 SMB biggest 3 16.5", 15.5", couple 14"'s.

Saturday MC and I floated the Tippecanoe river down south. Dead sea for 4 hours, but we knew it would be a PM bite on a sunny day. Fish went absolutely nuts for 2-3 hours and we paddled out in the middle of the frenzy to finish the 9 miles before dark. Too long of a float to ever finish and we left a lot of fish behind in the hour+ of paddling. Action was great. Nailing a lucky craft splashtail 90 again and again. Fun. Topwater. Can't beat it.

53 SMB/2 LMB/2 KY 1 sauger. Wakecrank then LC SPT 90. Biggest 19.5" then a 15".

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