Sunday, November 18, 2012

Streaking 20"ers 11-17-12

Was bit 5' down on a ledge. Looked big during the fight, couldn't believe another 20"er to hand. A 4th 20"+ in as many trips, or 5 in 7. Surpasses previous streak of three in a row.

The 12-14" bass were kind of nuts today. Water was ultra clear. Didn't get another large bass bite after I broke the hook on the secret weapon. When you are on a good streak, look for every reason why it might be happening. Can't help small part of me looking at things like lure color. Last two pigs were the same. probably a coincidence. Never mattered before.


Pretty good action. The yak again allowed me to get to fish I never would have caught on foot because the water was too deep, too many snags to cast into, etc.

Lost four fish fighting them upstream. Couldn't be helped as I'd rear anchored to avoid spooking small potential holes.

Smallmouth haven't completely evacuated some of the smaller holes. Most of these are hard to get anything out of when the water comes up and it gets cold. Maybe the bass do stay in them. The possibility that they don't carry many bass (or large ones) leads me to think skipping them may be best bet- At least later. For now, it's nice to snag a fish or two from them. I'm not sure they're good high water Winter holes.

19 SMB (20", 15")



  1. BT,
    Purchased a kayak a month ago and have used it twice with good results. Still trying to learn what works best. Do you typically fish going downstream then paddle back upstream to the put in, or the opposite? Always enjoy reading about your adventures. JQ

  2. John, it really all depends. I like kayaks when it gets cold because the fish aren't in the typical areas you float through anymore. You can sneak up or down depending on where you put in.

    However, I set them aside most of the low, clear water period. Simply a lot of fish you'll spook bumping rocks under those conditions.

  3. Of course think safety first!