Monday, December 10, 2012

Nothing too Exciting 12/10/12

Wanted to fish Sunday. We've gotten drizzle for a few days, so I figured it might be worth it to get out. Check that, been sick all week from fishing last Sunday and needed to smell the breeze. Got an early start, but as I pulled up to the destination with kayak inside the prius, I realized I'd left my waders home.

Now once, I put on dress shoes and waded in the Summer when I forgot my boots. Breifly contemplated a float without waders, wet crotch, cold. Forget that. Drove 50 miles home and back to get the waders.

Fishing was....ok. Had to work hard deep with freelined hair jig. Water was still crazy clear. Without much light on the day, I could still see down 5'.

Hit 10 SMB to 16" and a 20" carp.

We really need it to pour for a couple days to scour the algae and leaves up onto the bank, push the fish into predictable (more). Right now bass are in some ridiculous places for this time of year and any mistakes spook fish.

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