Friday, September 13, 2013

Airmailed Pigs 9/12/13

Dropped good friend at the airport for a trip to Dublin, had to get up at 3:40am. Went into work early after the drop off, decided to fish with the extra time, hitting water about 3:10PM.

Things were slow and the wind picked up leaves on surface made it tough to not foul. The slightest leaf of algae string will cause the bait to not walk. Got on some better water and let my Sammy do the talking. Only caught bass on WTD. That's all I threw, completing nearly 4 miles in 5 hours.

28 SMB (18.99", 18.75", 17", 3-16", 3-15")

Pig streak goes to 8 in a row and 11/12 :shock: 21 smallmouth 18" or better in the last 12 trips. Just crazy.


  1. Kudos on the streak! So now whats your game plan after the temps drop to 43 degrees tonight? Will it really turn them on into a fall feeding frenzy or slow em down? Good luck!

  2. There's no such thing as a Fall feeding frenzy in my book, at least around here. There's been a feeding frenzy all Summer, it only gets slower from here. I catch less smallmouth in the Fall. The leaves and low water make a good presentation difficult and the fish are very skittish.

    I think smb retain more weight and their metabolisms slow down, which give people the impression the bass have been pigging out.

    Overnight temps. In my experience, smallmouth will eat at some point during the day if it warms up reasonably. If the temps nose dive,I head out later than usual. I got on the water today after 10. larger fish were active, smaller fish were not until after 4PM.