Friday, June 27, 2014

Float 6-27-14

I took the Commander 120 for another drag and float. Water on this wide, shallow stream was kicking pretty good. Lots of canoe and kayak traffic had conditioned the bass somewhat to accept more noise.

It was hot, so hot. Turns out my camera was low on batteries and perhaps malfunctioning. No pics. Worked tubes, Sammy 100, Wake bait. Bite was good, but I absolutely wore out in my new shirt and walking upstream before the float. Lost a 2' plus bowfin up close. Kind of scary standing waist deep.

Boat was again pretty wicked.

27 SMB (18", 17", 16", 2-15")


  1. Bowfin?!?! All the hours I've spent on rivers and creeks, I've never hooked one that I know of. Even if it's not what you were after, kinda cool, right?

  2. Yes, would have loved to have brought it to hand. Bowfins have fearsome reputations. Mouth full of teeth and hell of an attitude. I was standing about 15' from it at the time, had sight fished it. Bowfin just sat there and chomped on my sammy motionless except that wagging head. While I was jerking on him. Lure popped out. Don't know if I wanted a 2' plus bowfin swimming between my legs for cover.

  3. Yes! Very cool. Scary a 8 lbser might swim at my legs though!