Monday, June 9, 2014

What Have I Been Up To? 6/8/14

Transitions can be a hard thing. Commuting 8-10 hours a week from Bloomington to Indianapolis has seriously cut into my fishing time. Suppose I need to solidly look for work in Bloomington. For now, I've been taking Sandy out wading a small creek here or there. It's gone far better than I would have hoped. She's doing really well with casting. Seems to like the casting and is coming around on the actual catching. She can cast a tube pretty well. Look forward to seeing how she can do on bigger water with less distance between fishable spots.

Last time out she got 5 SMB and a goog. Two in the 15" range and another 14" smallmouth. I have her fishing tubes and buzzbaits. Thrilled when she got a 15"er in current on the buzzbait. Nice!

No pics of me. I managed a couple nice ones between chatting and retying lines. One absolute chunk over 17",  a 16", couple 15"ers. We probably hit close to 15-20 bass. Not bad for a few hours

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