Friday, August 9, 2019

After Work Bonanza 8-8-19, Follow the Shad Young Man

I need to get in shape. Really. Got to the river by about 3 pm. Immediately was on bass hitting shad balls. 8 right above the bridge. And this is a well traveled location. Highlighted by this 18" that followed a 15" I caught back to me. Promptly lined up in 4" of water in the shade and immediately hit my Sammy. All about 10' away from me.Uh, ok. Cool.
When I moved out of the shade into a rocky outside bend, the blow ups and come up out of the water strikes greatly outnumbered fish caught. I think something about bright light makes it hard. Or maybe just angry and not hungry?

The fishing was like last Friday, difference is I had picked a LONG wade. But I'm here to tell you, it was incredible. Later it rained and the bass just kept hitting my Sammy in the rain. Another 18".

At one pool I caught like 5 White bass and another 18.
later, this 18.5" off a log at the end of a long straight pool.

I often saw 4-8 other bass follow back the hooked fish. No doubles today. Maybe I should bring an A rig...Fish after fish but always more missing.

I had to hurry to get out of the valley and to my bike as it started to get dark. I pushed 5+ miles on foot, and then took the Huffy back to the car in the dark
Finished with 60 SMB and 5 other bass in 5.5 hours of fishing.4 18-18.5", 4-17-17.5", 9-16"
Just a nutty catch rate. Making up for the last couple months of absolute crap fishing pretty quickly.

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