Friday, August 9, 2019

Hitting Smalljaws with Zack? 8/4/19

Got out and fished on Sunday with Zack. It's been how long? Can't remember. We usually have pretty good success together.

You can see behind me in this next pic, the eroded banks. Par for the course, this mid lower section has seen a lot of bank erosion and consequently a lot of river channel change. We had some fish show up randomly here and there first on shad swimbaits and then on WhopperPlopper for me. Eventually, we just rainmanned the Whopper Ploppers. I think I had like 10 blow ups in one spot in the shade. Then nothing for like miles it seemed. Bass on this day didn't seem to like the bright sun. Unfortunately, on this river finesse just doesn't seem to be efficient. Plentiful balls of shad everywhere.

We both hit 17"ers and later I got this random 19.5" smallmouth from the random middle of a featureless pool. Wrapped me several times on a twig but stayed attached.

I think I had 10 and Zack 8 before we just called it quits and walked out on the road. Good to fish with Zack though.

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