Monday, August 5, 2019

I'm Back!.Wade to End the World. 8-2-2019

Tap, tap, tap. Where to start? I moved back to Indianapolis last September in a fit of (in)sanity. Of course I still fish, there is always the fishing. My job as Business Analyst has me solving problems in much the same way you read me deciphering what the fish want on this blog. Its ok.

2 dogs now.

2019 has Indiana seeing a ridiculous amount of rainfall. So much, I mostly stayed inside and worked on problems no one else wanted to actually solve. I inherited the ability to see problems to be solved others mostly want to ignore.Am I truly three steps ahead, or just out of the loop? Like with fishing ,results matter. I've gotten those without fail. Everything can be improved through analysis. That's a whole spot of crap on a white shirt, and you're all here for random secrets to catching more fish, bass nymphomaniacs, Al Queda seeking Anthrax, poor soup cooks, all.
A lot of rain, and I mean A LOT OF RAIN does a few things to our fisheries:
  • Erosion displacing scour holes, filling in the river, or scouring the river just right. Like all things, caveat, what has changed? Better or worse?
  • So far, worse. Nutrients in the water. Animal pooh, human pooh, lawn fertilizer, farm fertilizer runoff all contribute negatively to smallmouth bass fishing our flow water by changing the chemistry of the water the quarry lives in. Rain puts a lot of it in the river where it clouds water clarity
  • Smallmouth are sight fish and need to see to feed. (prefer)
  • High water limits the presentations that are effective.
Because of all these factors, I have mostly sat it out since March. With many failed attempts and my usual productivity.
Enter last Friday. My statewide search for a stream with some decent water clarity found my up near some headwaters where the damage would be reduced.
Started around 8 and did something over the next 8 hours and only heard legend of. Walk the dog in the shade at the back of pools and in shade near riffles. I killed it. Look:

74 SMB 3 other bass 1-20", 1-19", 3-18", 14 17"-17.75", 10 16"
That's right 29 Indiana Smallmouth bass over 16", 19 over 17". Crazy.


  1. That's a crazy string of fish. - Nate

    1. Hi Nate. Yep. Took Zack out couple days later, we only managed 18 between us. Yesterday was another story. :) another 65.