Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little bit closer

Did some fishing 6/17/08. Vis about 1' stained brown and water up. First look post flood. The fish seem ok, and I saw lots of small minnow fry about .5". Trees were all over the place. Ripped down, thrown up on banks, log jams were gone and new ones started, big chunks of earth had been ripped from the banks in places, new boulders had appeared, water line of silt on plants was crazy high, yet plants were recovered, grass has grown since the last time out.

Started out pretty good with a dink on Buzzanator, then a 16", 15", 12", 16" on black/green chatter-B. Lost it and didn't get another bite on other color CB :shock: . Caught 3 more on cranks and 2 googs on cranks. Tubes, flukes didn't get a sniff. Seemed like fish were hungry and chasing, if they could only see. Started fast at midday, then sputtered with only two dinks and 2 googs in the last three hours. Was a little bored with the difficult fishing and the total lack of a finesse bite. So many branches and vegitation preventing easy fish near banks with fast current sweeping by in the channels

8 SMB (2 16, 1 15) 2 Goggles in 5-6 hours.

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