Monday, October 27, 2008

10/26/08 Late Season River Smallmouth Wade

Grand predictions didn't work this time. See last blog post. I watched the news last night and the weatherman described a high wind weather front that would come through our state Sunday night.

I decided to head out earlier Sunday on account that the high temp would be near 64, and the overnight temp was a higher than normal temp. Arrived at the river by 12:30. The water was ultra clear, slow and leaves were everywhere. I set about checking to see if the recent pattern held up. It didn't at first, as I didn't have a fish or a legit bite until around 3pm. At one point, I layed down in the sun and nearly went off to sleeep waiting for around 4 Pm or so when the fish would start to turn on.

Thing is, I wasn't even seeing fish in the clear water. Like empty. I knew from winter fishing experience the fish were at the bottom of deeper holes out of my sight or even under unreachable undercut banks and rootwads.

I tried a LC Pointer 100 in 'Misty Shad'. Since I could see down a good three feet, my spot on a high bank enabled me to really get a feel for the lure. I started erratically walking the dog with the bait underwater and pausing after every second wag. I soon had my first smallmouth out of the back of one of these deep pools. A 12" fish. The lure worked great in the leaves- very surprising.

Turned and headed back upstream, doubling back over the area I had hit when the fish were off. I started to get bit on the RC wake crank. Second time through this excellent deep pool, I got bit by a nice fish who fought very hard. It came to hand at 17.5". It had slurped the Waketail right off the surface. I wonder where it was when I came by before? Hint- look in the background...

A few casts later another nice fish hit the RC wake, fought hard and came to hand, it went 16".

I stopped at another deeper pool and threw the jerk again, landing another about 12" and having another fish taking drag without being hooked. Throw a dink and a 10.5" crappie on the pointer 100 and that was it.

It was a beautiful day with all the action between 4-6pm. I should have heeded my own advice and skipped the early afternoon fishing as it was a complete waste of time.

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