Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick update

Yep, fish are still hitting topwaters at 51 F. Mike and I did a 3:30 to 7pm wade. Covering a lot of ground. We caught fish on tube, swimbait, but mostly Rick Clunn's Lucky Craft Waketail crank 1.5.

I got 7 from 11-16" and Mike had 4 with the biggest fish from under a cross stream laydown that made three plays for the bait. Just like what happened to me on my last wade only 15 degrees colder and Mike's fish finally connected! It went 18" and was all pig fat.

Going to try again tommorrow as the temps will be warmer then dropping as a cold front comes in towards dusk. Should be windy. I'd bet the bass will have feedbag strapped on.

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