Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon Wade 11/20/2009

Did a long stretch of stream with several wintering holes. Shiners couldn't stay off my fly in the beginning, then a 16"+ smallie dunked the float off a sycamore.

Sun got directly overhead. One more dink on the fly and a 12"er on flashminnow 110. Fish were really spooky for the next couple hours. Found a deep pool with bedrock crevaces, nailed SMB on tubes with several misses and one 16-17 flopped off prematurely. Largest was 17".

8 SMB (17, 16.5") 2 large baitfish on FnF in 4.5 hours Nothing thick or large, but entertaining nonetheless.


  1. The patterning on that last one is really cool.

  2. Trying to get better at pics like

    Sadly, I think I need a bigger lense to fit my head into.