Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Whole New Breed!

I never thought fishing for smallmouth bass would cause the mood to sway so much. When reading the ramblings of others when I'm not actually fishing. I admit, it's a constant struggle to rank and classify the various Internet smallmouth bigmouths and expert personalities. To be sure, I'm somewhere between jackass and ert...

Being mostly male and 30-60, there seems to be a constant struggle for the best alpha male pee-pee spot. As if catching a bigger fish on occasion makes you a better human being. As if comparing a puddle to Loch Ness is equivalent.

Those new to the the hobby/sport/obsession should know there is a wealth of Internet information on smallmouth bass available for absorption. Glean and chuck, glean and chuck. We can't keep our mouths shut so you're welcome to our bragging, but don't bother to ask questions. You're sludge clouding my water. Don't buy a license, but admire my fish. Stay home. Don't speak, don't breath.