Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Autumn Wade 11/14

Was really hoping it would rain and fill the creeks up with water again for the weekend. Low, clear water is mostly the pits in Fall. Reserved to the fact the fishing would be slow and probably hot before dark, I set out to take some lumps. Again brought a float and fly rod just in case.

Fished a large pool with Flashminnow 110. First cast with the bait produced this 12-13" smallie. Thought it would make a funny picture.

Nothing much happened and even suckers were hard to spot. Finally got about to the spot where stuff has happened the other time I waded this stretch of creek this year. In years past, I would have easily expected to have had 5 good holes to catch good fish out of. Nothing in any of them this year. Another was filled in.

Finally, connected with a nice 17"er on a tube in the deepest part of the pool (and in shade).

Later, I swung and missed on a light hit. Worked the tube back to that general area and got a similar light strike. This time it was a nice big smallmouth that did the head shake hustle all the way to my hand. 18.25". The fish was out in the middle of featurless run adjacent to a laydown. The sun had come down out of the sky quite a bit, predictably the fishing got better.

Caught a dink and lost a 12" bass on a jump. Had to make a decision as it was 5pm: Keep wading up to a couple can't miss spots and be on the creek at dark with hunters in the woods, or head back with only 4 fish. Just not enough time in the day to fish patient and hit all the holes.

Bites on the tube were extremely light. We need some rain to get the root dwellers up and moving around. Not a sniff on spinnerbaits, grubs, or jerkbait, after that first fish.

Felt great to be out after a frustrating week. 2 good fish made it doubly worth it.

4 SMB (18.25", 17")4.5 hours that seemed to fly by in the beautiful Autumn sunlight.

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