Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Internet Weirdos Land Here Too!

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog. It started off as a place I could control my own fishing memories and log data for my own secret purposes.

I know some guys are gonna try and use SIYS to try and glean a spot to fish with minimal effort. Forget it. All those backgrounds in the pics are in Illinois. Not one Indiana Sycamore was exposed to fish wrangling by my photography. Go back and look at the pics. You'll see they are recycled.

One soul out there recently searched "small mouth porn". I don't even know what that is. What is attractive about a small mouth? Why would someone look for that? You people are sick.

Here are the top hit upon topics by internet travellers on this blog:
1) Big baits for big bass.
2) How to fish a buzzbait.
3) Texposing a tube.

Top visitors:
1) People from Palastine, Pakistan, Iran looking for Anthrax recipees.
2) FBI and CIA looking for people looking for Anthrax Recipees.
3) Josh McDermott
4) Germans- looking for small mouth poop porn.



  1. Awesome! Crazy folks out there! cpw

  2. Now that's funny!

  3. Yep, "Anthrax in Your Soup" was originally a play on words like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". The black and white comic, not the toys and movies.

    Anyways, once I decided to change the name of the blog, there was too much on it to switch to the REAL S.I.Y.S. http://smallmouthinyoursoup.blogspot.com/

    Now it would simply be too much work!

    How ya been, Tim?

  4. I'm OK, Brenden. Thanks for asking.

    Work has been great and fishing has been weird here in Belize. Catching things like "lizard fish" and "toad fish" recently.

    Gonna eat turkey at a local restaurant by the beach tonight.

  5. Ha, must be a dream! Keep up the good work!